The Ray Book: A Family of Central Kentucky, 1705-1993

If anyone has any Ray ancestors from Central Kentucky, who migrated there from Maryland, I encourage you to locate and review this fabulous book.

The Ray Book: A Family of Central Kentucky, 1705-1993
by Ann Tyson Sipes, Louisville, Kentucky: Historical Research Publishers, 1993.

It is a lengthy book, about 1,200 pages with an index. It is well researched, with sources. Some of the information will be quite unique, as the author received letters, family trees, and copies of obituaries from members and descendants of the Ray Family that may be difficult, if not impossible, to locate elsewhere.

I have Ray ancestors and found this book invaluable. My great grandmother was Sarah Catherine Ray, born in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Many of the Catholic families that originated in Maryland in Colonial America days, later migrated together to Central Kentucky. The Ray Family is one of those families. This book is a wealth of information. A researcher can use it as a source and as a finding aid to locate sources she herself used in writing the book.

I highly recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “The Ray Book: A Family of Central Kentucky, 1705-1993”

  1. How can I get a copy of this book? Im part of the Ray family that moved from Kentucky to Montana. My great grandfather was Oscar Ray and my great great grandfather was Charles Ray.


    1. I use a website called which is the World Catalogue of Books. The Montana State Genealogical Society has a copy in Helena.
      Worldcat link is
      It might be good to contact the Montana State Genealogical Society directly to inquire about a copy. Their website is
      I also believe the author sells the book directly from Kentucky. I’d have to look for some contact info from someone in Kentucky who knows her. Let me know if you can’t locate a copy and I can see if I can get some contact info for you.


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