Photos on Dead Fred

Dead Fred is a photo website for genealogy. Photos can be posted, saved, searched. It’s especially good for the “Mystery” photo section. You can post a photo as a Mystery if you do not know who it is, and if someone can identify the person in the photo, you get an email!

A cousin has scanned photos from three photo albums that belonged to my 2nd great grandmother Ida Seirer Cross. Ida was born in Good Hope, Cumberland, Pennsylvania in 1859. When she was a teen, the entire family moved to Kansas. A few years later, she met and married Allen B. Cross and had six children. She died in 1915, and the photo album was passed down to her daughter, Helen Cross Lawson. Someone else in the family purchased the photo album at an estate sale, and his sister scanned all the photos from the photo album and shared them with me. I am very grateful I have digital copies of these photos.

Some photos have a caption that identifies the person or persons in the photo. Family members are in photos, and I had no previous photo for them, including Ida Seirer Cross as a little girl.

There are also a lot of photos with a caption that names a person I have never heard of.

However, a great number of photos have no caption whatsoever. The photo and person in the photo are completely unidentified.

So, I just posted nearly 90 photos on Dead Fred. I am hopeful that someone can identify the people in these photos and let me know who they are. Also, someone that recognizes a photo may wish to have the photo for their own family tree, which is fine by me. I’ve got some photos to share! I just have no idea who to share them with…so I posted them on Dead Fred.

2 thoughts on “Photos on Dead Fred”

  1. Mark,
    My husband’s great grandfather was Alan Fred Cross. He lived in Wilson, KS. I have been trying to piece together the family history on this side of the family. We have few photos and all are unlabeled. I found a family photo online that matched the one I had – it’s the Ida and children photo and that was fun to uncover. Interested in seeing the photos you posted on Dead Fred but not sure how to go about finding them on that website. Thanks for any help you can give.
    Sarah Anschutz


    1. Dead Fred does not seem to have a search function for people that contributed photos. Meaning, you can’t do a search for photos I submitted to Dead Fred. Perhaps you could suggest that to them?

      Also, if you fill out the contact page on this blog, you will be able to privately send me your email address, and I can get in touch with you. I have an online tree with, for example, and that may have info you are looking for. The surname Anschutz is familiar to me, as that name appears in my family tree, likely a relative of your husband! And if we are able to email each other privately, I can share other photos with you as well.


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