Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The content of this genealogy blog (https://markcrossgenealogy.com/) is protected by Copyright Law. This content is created primarily for the sharing of information regarding the genealogy and family tree of the content creator, Mark Cross. A user may use and share content on this genealogy blog, provided that attribution is provided in all uses. (In other words, give credit to Mark Cross and his blog for anything you use here.)

The creative content is the words of Mark Cross to describe or explain ideas and facts. Some facts are not copyrightable (dates of WWII as an example). Some content on this blog is from another source (photos and genealogy documents) but whenever possible, attribution is given to the source in a full source citation. If you use content found on this blog, you must provide credit to the blog AND to the source citation the blog provides. If shared online, this may be with a link to the blog.

If you refuse to agree to these simple Terms, then all rights for use are denied.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Mark Cross

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