OK, so this is kind of a genealogy post.

We use a toaster that was a wedding gift to my in-laws nearly 70 years ago. It works great! I recently found an online story about old Sunbeam toasters. I looked closer, and our toaster is an old Sunbeam! And I totally agree with the article, the old toaster works better than any new one!

And, as the photo states, we have the art deco design, and the bottom of the toaster confirms we have a model T-20!

Recently, the plug stated to get warm to the touch, so we’ve been unplugging it once the toast is done. So I did a little internet search, and I replaced the power cord. When I had the bottom of the toaster removed, I did a little cleaning and removed some crumbs that could only be removed when the toaster was in pieces.

I am happy to report the toaster now works better than before, and with a new 3-prong plug with a ground wire, it’s now much safer, too!

Old Sunbeam toaster with new plug. Note the art deco design on side.

IGHR has a FREE FamilySearch Expo!

This year, I am attending IGHR virtually. IGHR is the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, a week long genealogy institute with advanced genealogy training. It is always good to expand your research skills.

On Saturday, 24 July they are offering a FREE FamilySearch Family History and Genealogy Expo virtually!

FamilySearch personnel will present virtual sessions about the extensive, free resources available online at and answer your questions!

FamilySearch is one of the premiere genealogy websites for research, and it is free! If you want to learn more about how to use FamilySearch, this would be a fantastic opportunity for you!

Click here on the IGHR website for more information.

Or type this URL into your browser