Links to Cross Family Videos are below. The videos are on YouTube and are unlinked, meaning they do not show up in searches and are not found by the public. You can view them here.

After clicking on the play button, you can view in full screen if you click on the Full Screen button in the lower right corner of the video.

Some of these videos were originally 8mm film and transferred to VHS videotape. Some were originally shot on VHS videotape. All were transferred from VHS and digitized.

The numbering system was used to inventory all videotapes on VHS that were digitized. Some numbers may appear to be missing, but they have other content or will be uploaded later.

The 8mm films shot by Allen Cross, Sr. are on page 4.

This project is ongoing, check back for more videos later. –Mark Cross

Cross Family Tape 3

90th birthday of Rose Rosemarynoski Stefanski in Massachusetts, 1980.

Cross Family Tape 4

Cross Family videos shot on VHS; includes cars in driveway, motorcycle, TV commercial for Allen’s Tire, Grandpa Rosemarynoski playing accordion, Christmas 1982, 40th Anniversary of Charla’s parents, Christmas 1983.

Cross Family Tape 5

Christmas 1993 from California, video shot by Mark Cross.

Cross Family Tape 6

includes misc at Allen’s Tire, watchdog Sam, Allen and Charla visit Mark in California, Dale and Steph rollerblading, Mark’s trip to Manhattan and KSU in 1994, Christmas 1994, Al and Ginger’s 52nd Anniversary dinner, Doug’s land in Colorado and 1969 Mustang Mach I, Halloween 1995.

Cross Family Tape 7

includes Bobby Brown visiting Wichita, visit to Sylvan Grove cemetery, Pioneer Village and Mt. Rushmore as part of 1999 South Dakota trip of Allen and Charla with grandchildren Dale and Stephanie, also 1999 trip to Austin, TX, and 1999 trip to Los Angeles with homes of Aunt LaVerne and Aunt Rosie and others.

Cross Family Tape 8

Wedding of James Collier and Pamela Cross, October 18, 2003 in Austin, TX.

Cross Family Tape 9

Doug Cross trip to California 1993, Doug in Colorado, interview of Cecil Cross by Doug, Cross reunion 1991, Al and Ginger 50th Anniversary

Cross Family Tape 10

Memorial Day 1997, Alaska trip 1997

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