This week, Roots Tech is happening in Salt Lake City. Roots Tech started out, I believe, as primarily a technology convention all about genealogy and research. It has expanded and now does non-technology things also. I am not able to attend this year, but they have live streaming video sessions online. A woman spoke about preserving her grandmother’s memory with a recipe for banana cookies. That recipe has been shared online with countless other people. She encouraged others to share recipes also.

So I thought I’d share my grandma’s recipes.

Thelma Reed 2

Thelma Reed was born on 17 Dec 1925 in Wauneta, Chautauqua County, Kansas. All her life, many people gave her one gift and said it was for her birthday and for Christmas. She said she felt cheated as a little girl, and sometimes as an adult, too.  She married my grandfather, Chester Charles Rosemarynoski, on 8 June 1943.

Thelma Reed Rosemarynoski died just before her birthday, on 14 Dec 1998, in Topeka, Kansas. Her funeral was on 17 Dec, actually on her birthday.

My mom and her sisters printed up several different recipes for the holidays to share them with everyone who attended the funeral. I share a sheet of recipes here now. I remember both fondly, I think they’re terrific recipes for holiday sweet treats! Try one and let me know what you think. 

Thelma Holiday RecipesI know as I post this in March, it is not the holiday season now. That doesn’t matter. These sweets can be enjoyed any time of year!

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